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Ending a marriage can be a stressful process. Even if it goes smoothly, you may still need an attorney to help you establish fair alimony.

Our alimony lawyers can fight for you throughout the legal challenges of divorce.

If you want to work with a compassionate team motivated to help you, contact our firm in Lakeland, FL.

What Is Alimony?


Essentially, alimony is a regular monthly payment allocated to a spouse after a marriage ends. Alimony can serve a number of purposes, such as providing income to make up for the money a spouse could have earned in marriage. It can also ensure that a spouse's standard of living does not drop dramatically after a divorce.

The 3 Types of Alimony

Florida no longer has permanent alimony. Instead, it has bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, and durational alimony. Each type of alimony payment has its own unique limitations.
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Bridge-the-Gap Alimony

This type of alimony is meant to ease the transition for one spouse from married life to single life. It only lasts for a short period and ends on a specific date. Bridge-the-gap alimony may not exceed two years and is not modifiable in amount or duration.

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Rehabilitative Alimony

Rehabilitative alimony is intended to assist a party in establishing their capacity to become self-sufficient, whether this is through education, training, work experience, or the redevelopment of skills and credentials. To be awarded this type of alimony, you must be able to define a rehabilitative plan. This type of alimony can be modified under certain circumstances.

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Durational Alimony

Durational alimony provides a party with economic assistance for a set period of time. This type of alimony is not applicable unless both parties have been married for three years or longer before their divorce. The length of the award may not exceed the length of the marriage. Exceptions may apply, like certain income limits and cases when a spouse acts as the only caregiver for a common child with a disability. 

Though alimony reform may sound confusing, you're not alone in your legal journey. Our alimony lawyers can guide you through every step of the process with kindness and transparency.

Choose a Law Firm That Can Help You With Multiple Areas of Family Law

We work with all types of family law cases, including child custody, child supportdivorce, alimony, and more.

Our attorneys can provide peace of mind during your spousal support case. Not only can we fight for you now, but we can continue to fight for you throughout the divorce process.

Our legal team and lawyers, Debra J. Sutton and Matthew J. Kovschak, can fight for fair spousal support payments. To begin, contact our Lakeland, FL, family law practice or call:

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You can rely on our alimony and divorce lawyers for assistance with all family law matters.

"Above and beyond." Here's What Our Lakeland, FL, Clients Have to Say


Anita Rodriguez

Bartow, FL


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I highly recommend Ms.Sutton to everyone. She has incredible knowledge and very professional. Her and her staff, the ladies at the office went above and beyond, listened to me and helped me and my children through a very difficult case. They are kind and caring human being. I am forever grateful to the Sutton Law firm.

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Amber Levidiotis

Bartow, FL


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Excellent in both professionalism and experience Andrea was truly amazing she made us feel so at ease her customer service was excellent. Thank you Sutton Law firm for handling our case!

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​Sutton Law Firm Will Fight for You

Family law can be one of the hardest areas to navigate. Fortunately, you have an ally in the fight for spousal support: Sutton Law Firm. To put you at ease, listen to some of our past Lakeland clients talk about their experience with our dedicated attorneys.

The Benefits of Selecting Sutton Law Firm For Your Spousal Support Case

Achieve Peace of Mind

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As a family law practice, our attorneys know how important spousal support can be for your daily needs.

After you and your spouse divorce, you shouldn't have to stress about your financial needs.

Our Lakeland alimony lawyers can ensure that both parties reach a fair agreement.

Individualized Support

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No two cases are the same.

From assets to lost earnings, your spousal support suit must cover your unique needs and circumstances.

Our attorneys will tailor your representation to your specific requirements. That way, we can seek an outcome most suitable for your life after divorce.

Distinguished Lawyers


Our lawyers stand out with their awards and achievements. Ms. Sutton is Board-Certified in Marital and Family Law – an accomplishment less than 1% of Florida lawyers have. She has also worked at Florida Southern College as an Adjunct Professor of Judicial Process. Additionally, Mr. Kovschak has worked for the Florida Bar, where he was in the Law Management section.

Does an Alimony Request Need to Go to Court?

No, it does not. If you and your former spouse are both open to mediation, then you can determine alimony, asset distribution, child support, and more using this method.

During mediation, you and your spouse will sit down with a mediator and in some cases, your individual divorce lawyers. Together, you will collaboratively work together to resolve important legal issues surrounding the dissolution of your marriage, like alimony and custody.

It's entirely possible that both parties can come to an acceptable conclusion then and there. That way, you and your spouse can avoid the stress and costs of going to court. Of course, in some cases, mediation may not be an option.

If you need someone to fight for your legal and financial rights in court, you can count on our Lakeland divorce lawyers to stand in your corner.

Our Divorce Attorneys Thoroughly Consider Every Aspect of Your Case

There are a lot of factors to consider when going through a divorce, like assets, children, and preserving your quality of life. In addition to negotiating fair alimony, our divorce attorneys can offer guidance when you're:

  • Determining child custody and child support arrangements
  • Protecting yourself and your children when there's domestic violence in the home
  • Evaluating and dividing assets like income, properties, retirement accounts, and businesses

Divorce is incredibly personal, even if you're certain about your decision. Let our divorce attorneys ease the transition and make sure every aspect of your situation is addressed.

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Alimony Reform

Learn more about the new Alimony Reform Law in Florida.

We Handle Any Family Law Concern Contact Our Lakeland Office Today

Debra J. Sutton is here to guide you through what could be one of the most difficult times in your life. If you need spousal support, our alimony lawyers can help you secure fair payment. If you're filing for divorce, our divorce lawyers can help it go smoothly. If you want to maintain your access to your children, we can help with that, as well.

No matter your family law needs, we are ready to help from our offices in Lakeland, Bartow, or St. Petersburg. Put our lawyers on your side and let us fight for you.

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Our Lakeland alimony attorney can handle every aspect of your case, including your divorce, alimony, and child support. Let us help set you up for the best chances of a favorable outcome, so you can focus on yourself and your children.


I wasn't working during my marriage. Am I still eligible for spousal support?

Many spouses worry that because they did not work during some or all of their marriage, they are not eligible for alimony. There are many important ways to contribute to a household besides contributing to the finances, such as being a homemaker or raising children. Alimony can provide for lost earnings, time spent away from your career field, and decreased employability.

If I receive property in the divorce, am I still eligible for alimony?

Yes, you may be, depending on factors like income and length of the marriage. As a spouse, in Florida you are entitled to half of the divided property assets. Receiving the divided assets does not disqualify you from receiving alimony.

What if my spouse isn't providing their alimony payments?

If you're a divorcee whose spouse is refusing to pay alimony, our alimony lawyers can help you take steps to enforce the court order. Some consequences your former spouse may encounter are wage garnishment, seizure of property, and being considered in contempt of court.

Are Alimony and Child Support the Same Thing?

No, alimony and child support are two entirely different forms of legal financial support. They may both be requested from a spouse at the same time, but they serve two different needs.

Child support covers the care, housing, education, and other relevant costs of a child or children. It ends after a child has turned 18, though it may be extended to age 19 if a child is still in high school or has further needs.

It also typically depends on child custody. Finally, you do not have to have gone through a divorce to request child support.

Alimony, on the other hand, is a form of spousal support. It is designed to provide financial resources to a spouse after a divorce. Additionally, you do not need to have children with a spouse in order to receive alimony.

"I have not been disappointed." More Lakeland, FL, Clients Praise Our Divorce Lawyers


Dawn Weikle

Bartow, FL


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For the first time in my life, I needed to hire an attorney and I highly recommend Debra Sutton and Sutton law firm. Sutton Law Firm came highly recommended to me, and I have not been disappointed. Debra is deeply knowledgeable of the collaborative law process. Debra and her staff have helped me through an exceedingly challenging time in my life.

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David Shippey

Bartow, FL


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If you are looking for quality counsel, I would highly recommend the Sutton Law Firm. I had the opportunity to work with Debra Sutton on 3 separate occasions over the last year. Each time I found her to be very thorough, planning for contingencies, recommending best practices, and always keeping her client’s needs first. If you need services, consider calling Debra first. I think you will be impressed as well.

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Debra J. Sutton

Sutton Law Firm

Debra J. Sutton is an attorney who is board-certified in both appellate practice and marital and family law by the Florida Bar. At the Sutton Law Firm, with offices in Bartow, Lakeland, and St. Petersburg, Ms. Sutton, Mr. Kovschak, and their team provide individualized, compassionate, and private legal services. Our popular practice areas include:

You can request a consultation with our board-certified attorney right now by filling out our online form or calling (863) 533-8912.

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