Is Your Spouse or Partner a Narcissist? By Debra Sutton on September 30, 2018

Did I Marry a Narcissist?

We consult with spouses at the end of their rope due to a relationship with a narcissist or one that exhibits many of the personality characteristics. These relationships are unhealthy, debilitating and cause substantial difficulty parenting children. While not all who display some of the characteristics are diagnosed with this personality disorder, the distinction is often more a matter of degree of harm rather than its avoidance. Here are 6 basic signs among many that your spouse or partner may be a narcissist:

They talk about themself in a preoccupied manner - it is all about them.

They are always right, are superior to others, and never apologize and are without empathy

They advance their value by belittling others; they offer little to no cooperation

They never takes responsibility for anything

They must control and manipulate others; will insist you ‘check in’ but they come go at will

You and the children walk on eggshells, having to focus on their anticipated respond to a trigger

What to do - GET HELP! If your partner is truly a narcissist, the problem is your partner has a mental illness - it is not a relationship problem. In order that your own mental health does not continue to deteriorate and for the protection of the children, schedule a consultation with SUTTON LAW FIRM. You may also require evaluation by a mental health professional. CALL 863-533-8912 for an appointment with Attorney Debra Sutton, Board Certified in Marital and Family Law, TODAY.


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