Using the Collaborative Method in Your Case

Jan 14, 2018 — by Debra Sutton

Use the Private Alternative Where Family Matters: Collaborative Law

Marital discord, particularly where children are involved, is a difficult time for any family. Whether terminating the marriage or attempting to modify an existing order of the family court, determining how to resolve the case will have substantial impact long after the case is concluded. There will be graduations from high school and college, marriages, and the birth of grand children. Give yourself and loved ones the gift of a collaborative resolution. Collaborative lawyers work with the sole purpose of settling the case; not to litigate it.

The collaborative process is conducted outside of the court system. Communications, disclosures, and conflicts are handled privately, without public access to your records and family information. Too often the "drama" during the midst of a traditional family case is regretted later. Collaborative discussions are held where parties can express themselves openly and honestly, but without the confrontation of cross-examination in a courtroom setting. Attorneys search for solutions, not methods to tear down the other side. The collaborative environment allows the husband and wife to work through the emotions and legalities of their dispute, without the long term adverse affect resulting from litigation. Ultimately the collaborative attorneys allow you to reach an amicable agreement, which may or may not be filed with the court, but which is ultimately approved by a judge. The skills developed by the couple in this process often help avoid litigation following the divorce.


Let us help you collaboratively resolve your divorce, custody, visitation, support, relocation, parenting plan, paternity, and other areas of family law disagreement. Increase your chances of settlement. Call for your consultation today.

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