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Using the Collaborative Method in Your Case

Jan 14, 2018 — by Debra Sutton

Use the Private Alternative Where Family Matters: Collaborative Law

Marital discord, particularly where children are involved, is a difficult time.  Selecting the collaborative law process can avoid the substantial adverse impact of litigation seen long after the case is concluded. Give yourself and loved ones the gift of a collaborative resolution. Collaborative lawyers work with the sole purpose of settling the case; not to litigate it. Collaborative lawyers will keep the focus on an amicable resolution.

Call the Sutton Law Firm today to schedule an appointment to settle your case by this dignified, private method now approved in Florida.

Is Collaborative Law For You?

Jan 14, 2018 — by Debra Sutton

Can the Collaborative Method Help in My Case?

Whether in divorce, modification, or enforcement - anyone can benefit from the collaborative process! Why? The focus is toward settlement. Should it appear an agreement cannot be reached, the parties suspend negotiations, reconsider their position(s), and resume to explore further options. Ultimately, the entire matter, or a substantial portion of it, should be resolved.

Let us help you collaboratively resolve your divorce, custody, visitation, support, relocation, parenting plan, paternity, and other areas of family law disagreement. Increase your chances of settlement. Call for your consultation today.

Collaborative Law “official” in Florida

Jul 23, 2017 — by Debra Sutton
Tags: Collaborative Family Law Settlement

Use the Collaborative Law Process Act to increase the likelihood of reaching an out-of-court settlement.

Does My Loved One Need a Guardianship?

Jul 23, 2017 — by Debra Sutton

Evaluating whether a loved one needs a guardian.



Relocation Law: Custody and Visitation Concerns for Moving Parents

May 12, 2016 — by Debra Sutton
Tags: Child Custody Time Sharing Divorce

Moving and relocating after a divorce can lead to many challenges with regard to time-sharing and child custody. Let's explore the laws.

Governor Scott VETOES Alimony and Time Sharing Bill

Apr 15, 2016 — by Debra Sutton

Today Governor Rick Scott Vetoed SB 668.

Will Governor Rick Scott Veto SB 668?

Apr 12, 2016 — by Debra Sutton
Tags: Alimony Family Law Custody Time Sharing

Governor Rick Scott now has until April 19th to sign or veto SB 668. Let's consider this alimony and time sharing reform law.

Florida Alimony Reform Law Awaits Gov. Rick Scott's Signature or Veto

Mar 15, 2016 — by Debra Sutton
Tags: Alimony Family Law Custody Time Sharing

A major alimony and child-sharing reform bill (SB 668) has been passed by Florida legislators and awaits veto or signature from Governor Rick Scott.

Welcome To Our Blog!

Dec 18, 2015 — by Debra Sutton

Welcome To Our Blog!

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